• Pocket-Sized, Non-Contact Temperature Sensor The magicTEMP is a low-cost, non-contact infrared thermometer that enables restaurants, including fast food chains, to monitor food temperatures.
  • Deep Fryers The Autofry Product Line includes the original single-basket, countertop Model MTI-10 with 30lb. per hour capacity and the MTI-40E (electric) and the MTI-40G (gas) roll-in, double-basket deepfrying systems with 60lb./hr. cooking capacity and integrated oil filtration systems.
  • Durum Wheat Midds Durum wheat midds are a by-product of the milling process of durum wheat
  • Food Safety Management System The Daily Inspector is a food safety management system that offers managers a universal, customized format, complete with checklists, reminders and timelines for all safety concerns, including contamination, hygiene, sanitation, temperature and storage facilities.